“Dear Ken, Thank you for believing in my mother and I. We really appreciate all that you have done for us in the last 14 months. With your help and guidance we will get through this, to start to re-build a life once again. You are a gifted and great solicitor. Thanks.”

– Michael and Miriam

“Dear Ken ‘a.k.a. the Legal Wizard’ with immense gratitude to ‘the team’, especially you, for all you’ve done to ease, then eradicate, the pains of the most stressful phase in my life. I simply cannot thank you enough.”

– Cedric

“Dear Ken and all the staff at Mackenzie Mitchell Solicitors, Thank you tremendously for all your months and months of hard work and professional help. I truly appreciate you representing my son along this huge and stressful journey. I’m so grateful for the positive outcome and hope this gives him the opportunity to think about his life choices and try and start a new direction for himself. I sincerely want to thank you.”

– Kylie

“Just two words to express so much gratitude. Thanks for all the time and effort you have always dedicated to helping me to get awesome results. I appreciate everything more than you’ll ever know.”

– Denise