There are some things you should insist on from any criminal lawyer; expert knowledge, clear communication, respect for you, determination, integrity and more. At Mackenzie Mitchell Solicitors we aim to go much further, to set standards of practice for other lawyers to follow.
Our clients receive a superior level of service and advice. As our client, you can be sure you will:

  • Always know what is happening
  • Always be encouraged to contribute
  • Always know who will be with you at Court
  • Always know who is preparing your case
  • Always be able to keep in touch

Always know what is happening
When a case comes to us we get to work immediately. Our clients receive a written Case Plan that sets out:

  • The strength of the case
  • The strategy and tactical options
  • The action to be taken, and (most important)
  • When action will be taken

We believe in early preparation and keeping you informed. That is, finding witnesses and documents, arranging expert opinions, briefing barristers, at the very first opportunity. To learn more about our Active Defence philosophy click here.

Always be encouraged to contribute
Your side, your ideas, your questions, your suggestions; are central to good preparation. Too many lawyers talk down to their clients and dismiss their suggestions. We want you to ask us anything that’s on your mind, and challenge us to produce our best work.

Always know who you will be with at Court
At Court, you will be with your personal solicitor, and/or a barrister chosen after consultation with you, who you will have already met to discuss your case. We will always tell you in advance who will be there for you.

Always know who is preparing your case
You will deal exclusively with the fully qualified solicitor assigned to your case. We promise your case will not be delegated to trainees or paralegals. You will not have to repeat your instructions over and over to new people.

Always be able to keep in touch
We are easy to speak to. It is our policy to return all telephone messages the same day, and always within 24 hours. A reply to letters and emails will be sent within 48 hours. If you are in custody we will do our best to visit you the next business day.

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