Mackenzie Mitchell Solicitors is the brainchild of Ken Mackenzie.

Originally qualified in Queensland, Ken learnt his trade at crime specialists
Ryan & Bosscher before emigrating to England.


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Traffic Matters Your driver’s licence is probably one of your most valuable assets. When it is at risk, we can help. Work licence applications, special hardship orders, drink driving offences and the removal of disqualification…


Fraud cases are often long, complex and fill carton upon carton with documents. But at the heart of every fraud case is one simple question. Was the accused person dishonest? That is what the prosecution must prove


Accusations of sexual crime are among the gravest of all. People convicted of sex crimes are shunned from respectable society and demonised in the media. Often the accusation is made without supporting evidence.


The laws on drug use cast an ever wider net. We have experience in cases of: Importing Border Controlled Drugs, Trafficking, Production, Supply, Possession of Dangerous Drugs, Possession of Relevant Substances and Relevant Things


Courts are far from perfect. They make mistakes or they decide on incomplete evidence. An appeal system exists to correct mistakes at every level of the system.


Whether you’ve been charged with assault or are the victim of assault, an experienced criminal lawyer will work to achieve a fair outcome.


Freedom is your right. We fight for it. Everyone is innocent at law until proved guilty. It follows that people should be free unless they are found guilty.


Illegally entering a home with the intent to steal has a maximum penalty of 14 years in prison. This crime becomes more serious if the burglary occurred…

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Arrest for Investigation

Senior Constable: You’re under arrest, mate.Drinker: For what?Senior Constable: For assault.Drinker: Stick it up your arse, brother.Senior Constable: You’re under arrest.Drinker: Fuck you.Constable: D...

Self Defence, Assault, and Excessive Force

You may defend yourself against an assault in Queensland if you use reasonable force. Self-defence is allowed. [1] But not if you provoked the assault. [2] Then, you can only lawfully defend yourse...

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Just two words to express so much gratitude. Thanks for all the time and effort you have always dedicated to helping me to get awesome results. I appreciate everything more than you’ll ever know.
Michael and Miriam
Dear Ken, Thank you for believing in my mother and I. We really appreciate all that you have done for us in the last 14 months. With your help and guidance we will get through this, to start to re-build a life once again. You are a gifted and great solicitor. Thanks