Appeal Your Case

Courts are far from perfect. They make mistakes or they decide on incomplete evidence. An appeal system exists to correct mistakes at every level of the system.

We have experience of correcting miscarriages of justice at every level of the criminal justice system. Appeals are always difficult, challenging work, like uphill battles because the “onus” has shifted. This means it is really up to the defence to show why the first decision was wrong. No stone can be left unturned.
Some common grounds of appeal are:

  • The verdict was irrational
  • The Judge made a mistake about the law
  • New evidence casts doubt on the case
  • The defence lawyers were incompetent
  • The sentence was far too harsh

Strict time limits can apply to appeals so call us now on 07 3236 1202 for advice.
Many good trial lawyers are uncomfortable with the appeal process and overly negative about their client’s chances. It takes a lawyer with imagination, persistence and a positive attitude to succeed in appeal work.

“The lawless science of our law,
That codeless myriad of precedent,
That wilderness of single instances,
Through which a few by art or fortune led
May beat a pathway out to wealth and fame.”
Tennyson, Aylmer’s Field