Bail & court appearances

Freedom is your right. We fight for it.

Everyone is innocent at law until proved guilty. It follows that people should be free unless they are found guilty. That is the starting point of the law. Bail is also a right.

The grant of Bail frees people from spending time in jail for crimes they may not have committed.
We vigorously pursue Bail for our clients. Even if a Court has refused Bail it is possible to apply again with an improved argument. Everyone has the right to apply to the Supreme Court for Bail. If Bail is refused unreasonably it is possible to appeal.

No matter how serious the crime alleged, Bail can be (and is) granted, even in cases of murder.
Courts sometimes have to be reminded of the principles of liberty.

“No grant of bail is risk-free. The grant of bail, however, is an important process in civilised societies which reject any general right of the executive to imprison a citizen upon mere allegation or without trial. It is a necessary part of such a system that some risks have to be taken in order to protect citizens in those respects.” per Thomas JA Williamson v DPP [2001] 1 Qd R 99 at 104.