Why is it wrong for politicians to attack a Magistrate’s decisions?

Courts should aim to reach the correct legal decision – by applying the principles required by the law.

Judicial decisions are not a popularity contest.

The Court should make the correct decision – regardless of whether they think a government Minister will like it. And regardless of whether most people will applaud or complain.

This gives us all reason to feel some confidence that when we have a case at Court, the Court will decide our case fairly – according to the rules – whether we are popular or not – and whether the government of the day likes us or not.

In many cases, the Court has to decide a dispute between the government and an individual citizen.

When Ministers make political attacks on the Courts, they are trying to interfere with the decision making process.

The next person who applies for bail will think, “What chance do I have? The government is telling the Courts to refuse more bails. I won’t get a fair hearing here.”

That person might have a point – if the Courts become influenced by this sort of political pressure.

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